How Technology Can Be Beneficial Or Harmful


Whether you are a student or teacher, you may have noticed that the use of technology has become a part of your daily life. The use of technology can be beneficial or harmful. Many people use technology to get more information about an event, or to research a topic. But it can also be a distraction. If you are teaching a class, you may find that the use of technology distracts you from the lesson.

Information technology

Using information technology, organizations can improve the efficiency of their processes. It also allows them to communicate better. In addition, information technology can be a huge benefit in industries that emphasize customer service. It can also be an advantage in industries such as agriculture.

Information technology is the study of computers, data and software. It also includes the hardware and infrastructure of computers. These include servers, network systems and peripheral devices.

Monitoring technology

Using monitoring technology to monitor employee productivity has become a popular practice, particularly in the US, where companies are offering productivity tracking tools for a fee. Many managers swear by it, but it’s important to make sure that it’s being used appropriately and transparently.

Using technology to measure employee productivity is not the only way to boost staff efficiency. For example, there are medical alert systems, which use body movement to trigger alerts when needed. These systems can help prevent injuries, monitor health conditions, and help seniors stay in their homes.


Throughout history, humans have been practicing navigation. The ancient Egyptians used stars and the moon, and modern-day travelers have used maps to determine their location. Today, GPS technology is used worldwide to determine location and timing.

GPS technology integrates with mobile communications, computers, and automotive navigation systems. Its accuracy depends on the number of satellites available. A low-cost receiver requires more time to determine a user’s location. However, more advanced receivers produce the most accurate location.

Eco-village movement

Unlike traditional models of social organization, the Eco-village movement is based on technology. It emphasizes economic, technological and psychological resilience. Its aim is to reclaim the fabric of life. It is a grassroots movement that includes traditional villages in the north and South, intentional communities in the north and South, and social experiments.

Ecovillages are small-scale communities whose main purpose is ecological restoration. They don’t focus on spirituality, but they do respect all living beings, and they observe natural cycles.

Distractions of technology in the classroom

Using technology in the classroom can be a distraction. There are many studies that show this. In fact, the most recent research reveals that using electronic devices in the classroom can be detrimental to student performance. However, there are methods to avoid this.

The best way to minimize distractions in the classroom is to minimize the use of electronic devices. Some instructors may require students to refrain from using wireless devices during class sessions. Others may include information on how to manage distractions in their syllabus.

Technologists criticize what they view as a wave of new Luddites

Several technological advances have been noted in recent years. The latest and greatest may be a little too much for some. This is especially true in China where the government rules the roost. While technology has indeed advanced unabated, it’s also true that many of the latest innovations have yet to be fully incorporated into the official government arsenal.

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