What Makes Good News?

News is a means of communication that informs the public about current affairs. It can be found in a newspaper, magazine, television or the Internet. Whether the news is about wars, political upheaval or weather, it is used to keep citizens informed about their world and how it is changing. It is important to have a free press because democracies depend on an informed citizenry.

Depending on the medium, different news sources will vary in their focus and what they consider to be newsworthy. However, all have some common characteristics. These include timeliness, drama, consequence, proximity and narrative. It is important to know your audience and to understand how to present the news in a way that will interest them.

Timeliness: It is essential that the news be about something that is happening now or that has just happened. This is what gives the news its urgency and creates interest for readers. It is also important to have a good lead and that the story be concise, clear and picturesque.

Drama: The news often appeals to our sense of adventure and curiosity by telling stories about escapes, searches, rescues, sieges or battles. It also appeals when people achieve things that are difficult for them, such as achieving athletic feats at the Olympics. These stories often appeal to our sense of achievement and our admiration for others.

Consequence: The more impact the news has, the more likely it is to be reported. A story about a natural disaster that causes many deaths and destruction will be much more significant than a smaller scale event that only affects one person or a local area. This is what makes a news story compelling and why some people are more interested in the news than others.

Proximity: The closer the news is to home the more interest it will create for the reader. This is especially true if it is a personal or family matter. News of sporting events, local elections and political matters often attract large audiences. This is because of the sense of connection that the viewer feels with the subject matter.

A news article should conclude with a restatement of the leading statement (thesis) and a sentence or two indicating any potential future developments in the topic that may be worth keeping an eye on. This type of news is often used in newspapers and magazines, but can be found on the radio or TV as well. In order to write a good news article, it is necessary to check all the facts thoroughly. This is the job of the researcher as well as the writer. It is also a good idea to read other news articles, or watch news stations and shows, to see how they wrap up their stories and sign off. This will give you a model to follow when writing your own news article. In addition, it is always wise to have a second opinion of your work before publishing it.

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